The amount of yeast you need is probably less than you think. Try reducing the yeast amount in your recipe so that you can control fermentation, and allow it to rest for longer to create a better taste and lighter texture from the effects of fermentation.

How much yeast in pizza dough?

The amount of yeast depends on how long the fermentation time will be, and the temperature of the dough at fermentation. Longer fermentation or warmer temperatures need less yeast, as yeast multiplies over time and does so at faster rates when warmer.

Baker’s percent are a way to compare recipes. They are percentages of other ingredient’s weight to the flour weight. Typical yeast percent would be 0.02% – 1% yeast. I use my own recipe with 0.1% yeast – so for 2 dough balls I use 330g flour and 0.33g yeast (about 2 pinches). See the full ingredients and instructions on my pizza recipe.